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Tribal Year-End BBQ Information

Tribal Year-End BBQ Food Assignments by Age Group

Food Assignments by Age Group:

U15 Boys:  variety of soda, water, and non-carbonated drinks.  Each team member should bring a case (24 cans/plastic bottles).  NO liter bottles please, as we are trying to avoid using cups.   Please deliver the drinks COLD!

6 coolers with 4 bags each of ice and garbage bags  (Age group coordinator to manage sign-ups)

U13 Boys:  All beef unfrozen hamburgers - 8 pk per player

U11 Boys:  All beef unfrozen hotdogs - 16 pk per player

U9 Boys:  Hamburger buns - 12 or 16 pk per player PLUS Hotdog buns - 16 pk per player

U15 Girls:  Age group coordinator to manage sign-ups for aluminum tins, aluminum foil, paper towels, paper plates, napkins, forks, knives, green or pasta salads (20 total), desserts (10)

U13 Girls:  Age group coordinator to manage sign-ups for cheese, condiments, chips

U11 Girls:  Desserts - 1 per player

U9 Girls:  Fruit or Fruit salad - 1 per player

Little Laxers:  Desserts - 1 per player