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Tribal Boys Select Program

2017 Boys' Tribal Select Program


Program Objectives:

Tribal Lacrosse is excited to continue our Select program for Boy’s U13 and U15 during the 2017 lacrosse season. 

Tribal Select will provide an enhanced lacrosse experience for players seeking more advanced play and instruction. The program will complement our current town programs and provide additional games and practices to those who are seeking to supplement their lacrosse experience.

Tribal Select will be part of the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse (MBYLL) Select Program and as such will be governed by MBYLL rules and regulations and guided by the same mission and goals.


Key Benefits:

  • Expanded Play: addition of seven Select team games with local towns, and three additional tournaments within Massachusetts
  • Enhanced Skills Development w/Professional Coaching: highly experienced coaches to help players more effectively compete at the high school and collegiate levels
  • Smaller Rosters: Giving Select Players more playing time
  • Simplified Travel: All practices and most games will be played locally
  • Lower Costs: as a not-for-profit, the program fee is significantly lower than for-profit club leagues
  • Maintain Community: a competitive option for more advanced players to play together with friends as a unified town team, rather than splinter off into unaffiliated club programs
  • College Style Uniforms: custom designed uniforms will be provided


Program Overview:

The Tribal Select practice and game schedules will not conflict with the standard town program’s weekly schedules. Players participating on a Tribal Select team MUST also participate in Tribal’s standard town program as it is designed to be an extension of the town program. The Tribal Select program will culminate with a series of playoffs, championships and an All-Star game.

Cost:  The cost of the Select Program for 2017 is $425 for core players and $225 for alternates.

This cost will include tournaments (likely 3), weekly MBYLL Select League games (7), MBYLL Select League playoffs, championship and an All-star game, separate weekly Select practices beginning in March, professional outside coaching, customized uniforms, and as well as other added benefits during the season. 



Tryouts for 2017 Select took place in October 2016.  If your son made the team as a core player or as an alternate, please use the link below to register him:

If you have any questions regarding the Tribal Boys Select program, please contact Jan Haas

Jan Haas

Outdoor Practice Schedule - 2017

Wednesday @ Pye Brook Fields - Upper:

5:30 - 7:00 p.m. for U13

5:30 - 7:00 p.m. for U15

2017 Game Schedule U13 Boys Select

  Date Time Home Team Away Team Location
1 Fri-04-07 6:30 pm Lynnfield Tribal U13 Lynnfield HS Turf #1
2 Sat-04-15 10:00 am Triton Tribal U13 Byfield - Central St fields
3 Sat-04-22 11:30 am Tribal U13 Georgetown Topsfield - Pye Brook Park
4 Fri-04-28 6:30 pm Reading Tribal U13 Reading HS T2
5 Sat-05-06 10:00 am Tribal U13 Peabody Topsfield - Pye Brook Park
6 Sat-05-13 11:30 am Tribal U13 Hamilton Wenham Topsfield - Pye Brook Park
7 Sat-05-20  1:00 pm Dracut Tribal U13 Dracut - Veteran's Park


2017 Game Schedule U15 Boys Select

  Date Time Home Team Away Team Location
1 Fri-04-07 6:30 pm Melrose Tribal U15 Melrose HS Greenfield
2 Sat-04-15 11:30 am Triton Tribal U15 Ipswich - Mile Lane Field #1
3 Sat-04-22 10:00 am Tribal U15 Georgetown Topsfield - Pye Brook Park
4 Fri-04-28 8:00 pm Reading Tribal U15 Reading HS T2
5 Sat-05-06 11:30 am Tribal U15 Peabody Topsfield - Pye Brook Park
6 Sat-05-13 10:00 am Tribal U15 Hamilton Wenham Topsfield - Pye Brook Park
7 Sat-05-20 11:00 am Newburyport Tribal U15 RA Nock MS - Fuller Field