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Information for Parents

Parent Volunteers

Head Coach:

Direct coaching duties for a Tribal Lax Team, with the goal of teaching appropriate Lax skills, encouraging good sportsmanship, positive attitudes and teamwork.  Provides a fun, safe, positive experience for all involved.  Makes final decisions regarding team strategy and player assignments if necessary. Consults with the age group/division coordinator and Head of Program on team selection procedures, game/practice schedules, locations, parent/player problems, adding new or trading players coordinating with Team Manager, and tournament play rules.  Calls to confirm game times, location with opposing coach week prior to scheduled games. (Game rain outs/cancellations are decided by the Refs and/or Head of Program.

Assistant Coach:

Assist in coaching a Tribal Lax Team.

Team Manager:

Purpose of this postion is to assist and faciliate communication amoung coaches and player/families, and coordinate/manage team's parent volunteers.

End of Year Cookout Organization:

Help organize the end of year Lax cookout.


Zero Tolerance Policy for Fighting and Code of Conduct

The Tribal Lacrosse Board of Directors has adopted a No Tolerance Policy toward fighting or any other behavior that deviates from acceptable sportsmanship during games, practices or any event sponsored by this Organization. Each infraction will be reviewed by the Board resulting in either suspension or ejection from the program.

Please click the link above to get to our "About Tribal" page which has our Code of Conduct.

Tri Town Tribal Lacrosse Parent and Player Expectations

Outdoor Practice:

Practices are held twice a week. Players are expected to arrive at practice dressed in full equipment and ready to play. Coaches cannot stay late or be expected to drive players home. Parents are welcome to stay and watch practice. As with anything in life, attitude is everything. Though every player who attends practice will get playing time in games, those who exhibit a "good attitude", hustle, learn skills, demonstrate good sportsmanship and are attentive will get more game time than those who do not.


In order to expect to play in any game, players must attend at least one of the practices the preceding week. Preference for playing time may be given to those players who attend both practices. Among those who attend both practices, playing time, again hinges on attitude, skill level and willingness to hustle.


Tri-Town Tribal Lacrosse relies on volunteer coaches who have lacrosse playing and/or coaching experience.  There are also coaching clinics for those who have never coached lacrosse and for those who have but wish to brush up on rules and techniques. Parent involvement is actively encouraged.

Parent Role:

The success of the child’s experience hinges on the cooperation, support and interest of the parents. Please support the Tribal coaches by getting your child to practice and games on time, with the proper equipment. Cheer on the team at games. Help drive to away games. Throw the ball with your child. If parent’ show an active interest in the program, the whole experience should be a positive and fun time for all.