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Boxford Common

Boxford Common (Haynes Fields Project)


Construction Contract to be Signed after October Town Meeting

In 2007, the residents of Boxford celebrated with a standing ovation at town meeting when we voted to purchase seventy-five acres of woodlands off Middleton Road, near Cole School.  Most of the land will remain undisturbed, forever preserved as open space.  Fifteen acres are designated for athletic fields.

This outdoor destination and gathering place, adjacent to Boxford Village, is a resource for everyone in the community, including those who enjoy hiking, trail running, horseback riding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, pushing toddlers in strollers, walking on smooth, safe paths, climbing on play structures, protecting wildlife habitat, and cheering our children while they run, jump, catch, kick, hit, and throw on a Saturday afternoon.

We hope to secure all funding from the Community Preservation Account and private sources, so there will be no additional cost to taxpayers for construction.

If you have questions, would like to join the community outreach effort, or would like to make a donation, please contact the Boxford Common fundraising team or your youth sports program director.

Boxford Common Fundraising Team

Brian Gauvain
Jim Gikas
Jessica Grigg
Tim Haarmann
Jim Locke
Bob Mullaney
Scott Novack Elaina St. John Jon Schwartz  


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Important Dates in Boxford Common History

Construction documents completed

Zoning Board votes in favor of new fields at Haynes
Selectmen vote in favor of new fields at Haynes
Planning Board recommendation in favor of new fields at Haynes

Conservation Commission approves Haynes Project

National Heritage approves development of the Haynes site
Boxford residents vote YES to pay for Design Documents

Boxford residents vote YES to acquire Haynes land


Master Plan Description

The entire 75 acre parcel is highlighted in dark green.  Fields will be built on the southerly section.  Most of the acreage will remain undisturbed.  An extensive trail network exists throughout the property and on adjacent land.

Access to the fields will be on Middleton Road, near Cole School (see arrow).  Parking will be available for 50 cars at the first field and 100 cars at the other two fields (highlighted in white).  As a point of comparison, the parking lot at the Johnson fields, next to the DPW building, has room for 50 cars.  The parking area at the Chadwick fields, near the recycling area, usually has close to 100 cars