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Tribal Select Program

The Tribal Youth Select Lacrosse Program provides an enhanced lacrosse experience for players seeking more advanced play and instruction. The program complements the current town Classic Youth Lacrosse Program and provides additional games and practices to those who are seeking to supplement their lacrosse experience. You must be registered for the Classic Program in order to play in the Select Program. The Select Program is an opportunity for players with demonstrated ability to hone their skills, participate in a competitive level of play, and gain experience in a play-to-win environment. Continuing the Classic Program’s goal of fostering the love of the game, the Select program’s objective is to take a qualified team into the next level of play with other Select Programs. You must be registered in the Tribal Classic program to play in the Select Program. Selected players will be asked to register for their Select Team immediately upon notice. 


Benefits of the Program:

- Expanded Play: Additional Select Team games with local towns, and additional tournaments within Massachusetts

- Enhanced Skills Development w/Professional Coaching: Experienced coaches to help players more effectively prepare for high school and collegiate levels of play.

- Smaller Rosters: Providing more game play opportunities

- Simplified Travel: Compared to Club Leagues all practices and most games will be played locally

- Lower Costs: As a non-profit organization, the program fee is significantly lower than Club Leagues

- Community: A competitive option for more advanced players to play together with friends as a unified team within their town.