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Tribal Lacrosse News and Updates

April 23, 2020 

It is with great disappointment that we must announce the cancellation of the Tribal Youth Lacrosse season for spring 2020. This decision comes from the Tribal Lacrosse Board of Directors following directives from the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL), Founders Girls Lacrosse League (FGLL), our governing health agencies, and the mandates from Governor Baker’s Office for all public and private schools in Massachusetts to continue with remote learning for the remainder of the school year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to read a copy of the full letter sent to Tribal players and families.

Looking for ways to work on lacrosse skills?
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* A New Look for Tribal - We have updated uniforms for the 2020 season for boys and girls in the U11 through U15 age groups. Each player is responsible for purchasing a new uniform before the start of the season. For ordering instructions please go to the Uniforms tab. Please note all U9 uniforms will remain the same.


Notices and Policies


Financial Assistance: Tribal grants scholarships to families with income hardship or other extenuating circumstances such as temporary unemployment, number of family members participating in athletics or co-curricular activities, or other situations. To apply, please contact Brett Roberto at bnroberto@yahoo.com before December 31.

Refund Policy: If a player registers and then decides not to play, the full amount (minus a $10 per player administration fee) will be refunded as long as we are notified during the regular registration period. If we are notified when the registration is in Late Mode, 50% of the fee will be refunded. Once indoor practice has started, fees are no longer refundable. Late fees are non-refundable.

NOTE: PARKING AT THE BOXFORD COMMON FIELD COMPLEX at 19 Middleton Road in Boxford is limited to marked spaces only. All violations are subject to ticketing. For more information go to the BAA website at: 


2020 Practice Schedule

Out of concern for the spread of the Coronavirus, the indoor season is suspended until further notice. 

The indoor season starts the week of March 16, 2020 at the Topsfield Indoor Arena and runs for 5 weeks (March 16th – April 16th).  

Indoor Girls Practice Schedule:

Grades 1/2 Mon, 5-6 pm

Grades 3/4 Wed, 5-6:30 pm

Grades 5/6: Mon, 6-7:30 pm

Grades 7/8: Mon, 7:30-9 pm

Indoor Boys Practice Schedule:

Grades 1/2 Tues, 5-6 pm

Grades 3/4 Thurs, 5-6:30 pm

Grades 5/6: Tues, 6-7:30 pm

Grades 7/8: Tues, 7:30-9 pm

The outdoor practice season starts the week of April 27, 2020. There are no practices the week of April 20th. Below is the tentative outdoor practice schedule for Classic teams.

Outdoor Girls Practice Schedule:

Grades 1/2: Mon & Wed, 5-6 pm at Pye Brook

Grades 3/4: Mon & Wed, 6-7 pm at Pye Brook

Grades 5/6: Mon, 6-7:30 pm at Pye Brook & Wed, 6-7 pm at Boys Scout Park

Grades 7/8: Mon, 6-7:30 pm at Boy Scout Park & Wed, 6-7 pm at Boxford Commons

Outdoor Boys Practice Schedule:

Grades 1/2: Tues & Thurs, 6-7 pm at Pye Brook Park - Harmer Field

Grades 3/4: Tues & Thurs, 6-7 pm  at Pye Brook Park - Harmer Field

Grades 5/6: Tues 6-7:30 pm  and Thurs 6:30-7:30 pm at Pye Brook Park

Grades 7/8: Tues 5:30-6:30 pm & Thurs, 6-7:30 pm at Pye Brook Park

Little Laxers is a 5-week program starting on Saturday May 2nd, 10-10:45 am at Pye Brook
Select Teams (tentative)

U13 Boys: Indoor: Topsfield Arena: Thursdays, April 2-16 (April 23 TBD), 6:30-7:45pm

Outdoor: Boxford Common: Wednesdays, April 29-June 10, 6-7:30 pm

U15 Boys: Indoor: Topsfield Arena: Thursdays, April 2-16 (April 23 TBD), 7:45-9 pm

Outdoor: Boxford Common: Fridays, May 1-June 12; 6-7:30pm 

U13 Girls: Indoor: Topsfield Arena: Wednesdays, April 1-15 (April 22 TBD), 6:30-7:45 pm

Outdoor at Pye Brook Park: Wednesdays, April 29-June 10, 6-7 pm

U15 Girls: Indoor: Topsfield Arena: Wednesdays, April 1-15 (April 22 TBD), 7:45-9 pm

Outdoor: Boxford Common: Wednesday, April 29-June 10, 7-8 pm